Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Healing Through Writing – A Solstice Poem

Writing can be a potent therapeutic tool, especially as an outlet to aid in the process of healing from grief. Recently, I found myself spontaneously writing this timely poem as I approach a significant anniversary of a traumatic loss in my life. 

It is a cathartic piece of writing for me; I'm sharing it here with the intention that it might evoke some hope for healing in your own journey.  


by Mary Von Ohlen

Yellow butterfly before my eyes
Where if you could I know you’d rise.

'Twas the smoothest landing we’d ever felt;
Then devastation never before dealt.

A decade of darkness, a wrong December,
Maybe some things better not to remember;
And others yet I yearn to find
From cloudy archives of my mind.

Forty seasons of missing you?
A day at a time, I pull through.

Like waves of the ocean are never done,
The tears now pass as quickly as they come.

With ironic twists, the energy shifts;
A soul returns, more lessons learned…

Realizing it will always be warm where you lie;
That the sun was so bright when we passed in the sky;
No present from you under the tree,
But your greatest gift is inside me.

Your soul still holds me tight for sure;
May solstice steal my light no more!

To look with wonder, no longer from fright;
Discover from darkness, there’s infinite Light.

As we embark upon winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the supportive energy of this season is ideal for introspection. To continue your personal path of recovery, consider writing a poem or simply journaling your thoughts and feelings in regards to any losses or wounds you may still carry.

I invite you to share your reaction to my poem or any other related thoughts on grief, healing, or the solstice in the comment section below! In addition to writing, check out the previous article on my top holistic resources to heal from grief.

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