Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tools For Codependency

Many recovering alcoholics and addicts discover in recovery that they also have struggles associated with codependency. Historically, the problem known as codependency arose from Alcoholics Anonymous and the realization that the family members of alcoholics had their own unique set of character traits and relationship difficulties, and so the program known as Alanon was born. 

However, we know today that dealing with codependency isn’t solely an issue for those in Alanon; it is pervasive among members of A.A. and N.A. as well. 
Most alcoholics and addicts come from families with some history of alcoholism or other addictions. Typically adult children of alcoholics (ACOA), or adults that grew up in some other similar dysfunctional family situation, tend to have these codependent traits that cause difficulty in their relationships.

There are 12 step programs that specifically address the issue of codependency such as Alanon, ACOA, and CODA (codependents anonymous). Some treatment centers also offer programs specifically designed to help people address these issues. For example, the renowned Caron Foundation in Pennsylvania not only treats addiction but also offers a personal growth workshop called "Breakthrough" that involves an intensive 5-day program focusing on the root of codependency issues. If you have the ability to attend this popular workshop, it is a great place to start if you are just beginning to recognize codependency issues, at any stage in your sobriety / recovery.

A primary objective of Health In Recovery is to help connect people in recovery to additional resources to augment whatever program of recovery they hopefully already utilize. After all, Bill W. encouraged us to seek “outside help” in addition to A.A. With that in mind, a fantastic simple tool known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) could be the most important “outside” self-help method to have in your toolkit. 

The following is a review I wrote after reading the e-book called “EFT For Codependency Recovery” by J.P. Bailey that teaches how to use EFT directly on codependency issues:

Upon learning of J.P. Bailey’s work, I was immediately struck by the crucial need that it addresses by brilliantly blending her experience and research on codependency with the growing research on energy psychology and EFT. What a natural fit and effective solution to share with the world to empower the millions struggling with recovery. Her book is a refreshing straight forward explanation of the many codependency traits common to adult children of dysfunction, followed by a comprehensive step-by-step manual to immediately incorporate the tool of EFT to accelerate codependency recovery. I am constantly reminded of the pervasiveness of codependency amidst the recovery community, and EFT is a phenomenal simple tool to help address this otherwise complex and extremely challenging issue.
J.P. Bailey has shared an important contribution to the recovery field with her book and manual, EFT For Codependency Recovery. I confidently recommend it to all my readers, colleagues, and clients.
If you would like to work one-on-one with an advanced EFT practitioner who specializes in recovery, support is available via phone or webcam sessions.

There is an abundance of literature on the subject of codependency. Explore the help that is available– via 12 step programs, therapists who specialize in codependency, intensive programs such as Breakthrough at Caron Foundation, and self-help manuals such as EFT for codependency recovery, or personalized EFT sessions 1-on-1 with a certified practitioner, to overcome the effects of this pervasive condition among alcoholics and addicts and enjoy healthier relationships, emotional health, and freedom from codependency in sobriety and recovery.

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