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PEMF Therapy For Healing

PEMF Therapy is one of the most powerful modern healing modalities for effecting positive change on all levels: physical, mental, and spiritual healing and well-being. To appreciate PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields), you need to have a basic understanding of how fields of energy play a vital role in life.

As humans, we are all electromagnetic beings. Everything on earth has a specific vibration; every cell, every organ, every system in the body has a vibration a.k.a. frequency. Science has confirmed this, including research indicating the unique frequencies of every organ in the body. 

Energy Fields and Your Health 

Ever seen the movie “The Living Matrix”? Have you heard of the part of your body called connective tissue? This is where the flow of electrons (electrical energy) takes place. Information is communicated via energy in the body. Everything begins with energy! Photosynthesis for example, involves the conversion of electromagnetic energy from sunshine into the basic materials necessary for life! 

Also, think of every complex biochemical function in the body- like the release of hormones, the absorption of nutrients… ever wonder what’s telling your body when to do these things? The instructions (or information) is communicated via your electromagnetic energy system. 

Think of the body as an orchestra; when everyone in an orchestra is in tune individually and in harmony working together, beautiful music is made. In the body, the same concept applies; when all the individual organs and systems are operating a healthy individual frequency and in harmony together within the body, optimal function results (you feel great, perform great, look great). When something throws of the balance of energy flow in the body, function is affected. If one section or instrument is off in the orchestra, say percussion is off beat – it affects the whole orchestra and quality of music. 

Stress in any part of the system can throw off the overall flow and harmony, thus affecting the output (how you look, feel, and function). What can throw off our body’s optimal harmony? Physical trauma (injury, surgery), emotional stress, biochemical stress (toxins in our foods & water), toxins in our environment (in the air we breathe), and electromagnetic stress which is often all around us! 

Just as there are healthy waves of energy (healing frequencies, like those which our organs vibrate at when functioning correctly), there are unhealthy waves of energy. Most people know they don’t want to live right under high tension power lines, right? Think about other examples of daily exposure to unhealthy types of waves such as cell phones, microwaves, wifi, computers, etc. These unhealthy waves of energy can cause interference in the healthy flow of our electromagnetic system. Highly sensitive people can literally feel the effects of those waves, but they affect all of us regardless of if you can physically perceive the energy or not.

What is PEMF? 

PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic fields, or pulsed electromagnetic frequencies. PEMF devices emit invisible pulses of energy, in a specific range of frequencies (measured in hertz). They use only healthy frequencies of energy which are known to facilitate various types of healing in the body. For example, pemf in a specific range of frequencies have been shown to promote bone healing, other frequencies promote muscle health, others nerve regeneration, some ligament repair, and specific frequencies help the body deal with microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi - like candida. Some frequencies are utilized to promote metabolism including specific macronutrient, micronutrient, and mineral assimilation. 

This book provides a solid explanation of PEMF and it’s health benefits: PEMF - The Fifth Element of Health

In the youtube series Exploring Energy In Everyday Life, Rebecca Karchere and Mary Von Ohlen featured an informative discussion on PEMF in this episode:

What Can PEMF Help with? 

Thousands of published studies validate the benefits of PEMF, ranging from its efficacy in providing pain relief and injury healing, to aiding with depression and osteoporosis, just to name a few health conditions PEMF has improved. 

The Dr. Oz show featured PEMF for pain relief several years ago. Check it out:


Check out the following Ted Talk - please note this was not actually a brand new discovery as the speaker may imply - but his research and explanation provide valid information on this topic. They filmed the effects of specific pulsed electromagnetic frequencies on microorganisms, and on cancer cells!


Physically, we know that specific resonant frequencies support: bone, ligament, muscle and nerve repair. PEMF has resulted in reduced anxiety, depression, and the effects of stress. Clients have reported other benefits such as an overall improvement in sense of wellbeing, clearer thinking, better sleep, and improved ability to meditate. 

ONDAMED, A Sophisticated PEMF Device 

ONDAMED is an advanced tool from the field of biomedical technology developed in Germany, by electronics engineer Rolf Binder, based on 25+ years of research and experience. ONDAMED has been used by doctors and practitioners in the USA since 2002, and in Europe for several years prior. ONDAMED comes from the latin roots standing for “Wave Medicine”, as in energy waves! 

Other PEMF devices exist, but many doctors and holistic practitioners choose to learn the ONDAMED system based on its multitude of uses, the sophisticated pre-set programs (combinations of effective fields of energy based on years of practitioners’ successes in the field), and most importantly the ability to customize very specific programs of energy for each individual client. The training of the practitioner to utilize the client’s pulse response to determine the best PEMF energy to administer based on their body’s response. 
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ONDAMED practitioners are trained to assess your body’s VAS (vascular autonomic signal, accessed via feeling your pulse). The practitioner can scan through specific energy programs in the ONDAMED administered to you while feeling for your body’s response which enables us to choose the best specific fields of energy for your body and also apply it in the specific areas of your body which respond to it. 

Again, the practitioner will feel a reaction in your pulse (VAS) wherever there may be areas of meridian blockage (as in Chinese medicine and acupuncture meridians, the circuits where energy travels within the body for proper communication), or inflammation, presence of pathogens, old scar tissue, stuck emotional energy, or some other issue that seems to require the specific field of energy to resolve itself. 

The concept of resonance in physics applies to how the ONDAMED works. One dictionary definition of resonance is: “Oscillation induced in a physical system when it is affected by another system that is itself oscillating at the right frequency”. Or if you are among the many people who have a hard time comprehending these complex laws of physics, you may simply think of how you use the term in your day to day life- when something “resonates with you”, it makes sense or it “just feels right”! 

Your body will resonate with the specific fields of energy which it needs to facilitate healing and optimal wellness. This resonance is detected via the subtle response in your VAS; the practitioner feels for this pulse response while he/she administers various programs from the ONDAMED device. What’s particularly unique is that even while in the process of assessing, the client is simultaneously receiving healing energy. 

Dr. Sylvia Binder discusses the safety of ONDAMED and how it works to locate dysfunction in the body:


How PEMF can Support Addiction Recovery 

For a multitude of reasons, PEMF benefits anyone recovering or seeking from recovery from an addiction. The following lists just a few of the areas in which ONDAMED pemf therapy can support individuals recovering from alcoholism or other addictions; there are specific ONDAMED programs designed to help with: 

  • Cravings 
  • Smoking cessation
  • Neuropathy
  • Stress Reduction
  • Improved Sleep
  • Enhanced ability for Relaxation and Meditation
  • Liver support (and all the other organ systems)
  • Promoting overall feeling of Well-being

The list goes on and on. Common triggers for a struggling or recovering addict of any kind include physical ailments, stress, emotional discomfort, and spiritual disconnection – all of which a PEMF system such as ONDAMED can help your body's natural ability to heal, and in ways that few or no other modalities can.

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